Our expertise

Executive search

As a client we can offer you:

A unique network
The Sapphire network offers exceptional access to a more diverse group of talented senior business leaders. We have been forging partnerships and creating a network for more diverse professionals for over a decade. No other search firm offers this level of engagement with the most diverse executives in business.

A bespoke solution

Whilst we ensure candidates match your brief with regards to skills, experience and cultural fit, we also pride ourselves in bringing unconventional and more creative choices to your shortlist. Forward thinking organisations recognise and relish the potential of these 'finds'. We find the hidden gems.

An inclusive shortlist   

On average 60% of our placements have been diverse candidates. Our success has led many more professionals from all backgrounds and ethnicities to seek us out. We bring diverse professional talent that delivers business excellence, regardless of gender, age or ethnicity.

A global reach  

Based in London we work internationally across a wide range of sectors, historically mainly in the financial and professional sectors and with large corporations, as well as small and medium sized clients.