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The Daily Mail
28 November 2011

Why it pays to blow your own trumpet

Kate Grussing is quoted in The Daily Mail in an article on self-promotion and getting noticed, as “there are few senior executives who are soft spoken introverts”.

Kate advocates hard work to “get sufficient road under your tyres” – start with hard work, get further qualifications, be prepared to speak in public – and network.  Don’t always take the easy route but seek out the roles that may be challenging and take risks.  Don’t wait to be asked.

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The Guardian
14 October 2011

‘Companies must promote women to change 'terrible state' of UK boards’

David Cameron held a reception at No 10 on 12 October 2011 to discuss how to encourage British businesses to promote Female talent. Kate Grussing, Founder and Managing Director of Sapphire Partners, was quoted in an article stating that more females are now coming forward for boardroom roles.

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Financial Times
21 July 2011

‘Diversity Delay’

Kate Grussing, Founder and Managing Director of Sapphire Partners, was quoted in an article on the search industry new voluntary code of conduct for diversity. The code is expected to suggest that 30 per cent of board search lists should be women, and if not, headhunters should explain why.

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The Sunday Times
17 July 2011

Sapphire Partners were involved with the appointment of a new director to the Board of the Royal Bank of Scotland.  Kate Grussing is quoted saying that “other headhunters just don’t look hard enough to track down credible female board candidates.”

Sunday Times article

Sunday Times article

The Sunday Times
26 June 2011

Make way for young ones – Carly Chynoweth

Kate Grussing is quoted in this article on the idea profile for Non Executive Directors.  The journalist discusses the trend of executives leaving their corporate careers earlier to move into the NED area.  Kate points out that there’s little point moving too early as the relevant executive understanding can only come with hands-on experience.  “I think mid-fifties is the sweetspot where you are perceived to have the time and experience”. 

The article can be found HERE.

The Veuve Clicquot Businesswoman of the Year Awards took place
at Claridges on 28 March 2011

The Veuve Clicquot Businesswoman of the Year Awards took place at Claridges on 28 March 2011

CityAM reported ‘Women on top at the Oscars of the entrepreneurial world’
Will business women ever win the Board game?  The answer is an emphatic yes, as proved by the train-blazing trajectory of Michelle McDowell, MBE of engineer BDP, who was crowned Businesswomen of the Year.

Keynote speaker, former City Minister Lord Myners, declared the private sector’s failure to recognise female talent is the “largest missed opportunity in the economy at the moment.  The private sector has been blinded by tradition and prejudice”, he told the packed audience.  He then predicted that at least five FTSE 100 boards will have a majority of women directors within 10 years – but solely on merit, rather than ‘political correctness’.  So no quotas, then.

Pictured with Kate Grussing is Diana Brightmore-Armour of Lloyds Bank, and Theresa May, MP.



Greater transparency on salaries 'will be welcomed'
Chartered Management Institute

Professional women will all "welcome greater transparency" surrounding salaries at work, according to Kate Grussing, spokesperson for City Women's Network ...

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Stella Magazine

Sunday Telegraph - Stella Magazine

Alison Downey and Kate Grussing were interviewed as part of an article that appeared in the Sunday Telegraph’s Stella magazine on 30 May 2010.  Entitled ‘Many Happy Returners’, the article explores the challenges facing professional women who endeavour to resume their careers after taking time out to have children.  Kate’s advice included keeping active and connected even part time. Alison is one of  the successful returners profiled.

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