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Red Magazine

Red Magazine
December 2009

We are thrilled to announce that Kate Grussing, Sapphire’s founder and Managing Director, has won an award from Red Magazine for her work at Sapphire as a mentor.  The award ceremony was on 3 November and is featured in the December 2009 issue of Red.  The judges made special mention of the pioneering nature of Sapphire’s business championing corporate flexibility and promoting the potential of women.

Financial Times
15 September 2009

Kate Grussing has observed many senior professionals surviving the downturn by moving away from the contracting financial services sector. Some, driven by pragmatism, have moved to work in other sectors or become entrepreneurs, while others have discovered the motivation “to give something back, or do something with more meaning”.  Kate  sees a silver lining in the fact that “think-tanks and the regulatory world have been able to attract people they might not have been able to in the past”.

The Observer
26 July 2009

Could crash spell doom for City's boys' club?

Years of macho culture ended in financial implosion. Now MPs are to examine sexism in the Square Mile, but is it ready to change, asks Katie Allen.

That is not the only positive spin-off for women, says former investment
banker Kate Grussing. She now runs London headhunting firm Sapphire Partners.

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L’Echo Magazine
11 July 2009

Kate Grussing’s profile was featured in last Saturday’s L’Echo magazine in France, on women working in the City.  She spoke about the importance for companies of retaining women after they have recruited them, of the different career paths women pursue and the valuable role of women’s networks.  The article also follows Kate’s career path in relation to the choices available to women in the City today, and her impetus for starting Sapphire Partners.

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Sunday Telegraph,
8 March 2009

Women in Business

‘A Woman with a Vision’  - Kate Grussing is featured in Sunday Telegraph’s Women in Business supplement on helping companies make the most of their top talent in the current climate. 

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The Times,
11 February 2009

Keep women on board; Too many top females are leaving by Widget Finn

Kate Grussing is quoted in an article on why women MBA graduates are more likely to drop out of the workforce than female doctors and lawyers, according to a study that has looked at 1,000 female Harvard graduates 15 years after graduation.

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Fishing In The Talent Pool

Kate is interviewed about the incubation and start-up of Sapphire Partners in 2005.  She also discusses the impact of the downturn on women and flexible working, the value of investing in childcare in order to stay in the job market, and the need for greater flexibility by employer and employee.

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Home is Where the Office Is:
Does flexible working offer a way to survive the recession?

Kate Grussing was quoted in an article on by Alison Maitland on 5 November 2008, looking at why flexible working is a way to survive the imminent recession.  As City head hunters are predicting a 20-30% decline in compensation, offering flexible working methods is a low cost way of retaining top talent.  A flexible workforce is also easier to expand and contract as the need arises.,_i_email=y.html
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BBC Radio 4 Interview, 19 September, 2008

Sapphire Partners MD Kate Grussing took part in a discussion with Gillian Tett, assistant editor of FT, on the BBC Radio 4 programme Women’s Hour, on 19 September 2008. The topic under discussion was ‘If more women were in senior influential positions in the City, would the financial crisis of the past week have been less likely?’

Kate said there was no chance the last week’s events would have been the same if more women were represented at a senior level in the organisations concerned. Men and women have a different attitude to risk, she said, pointing out that the ‘male approach’ tends to be ‘winner takes all’, whereas the female approach would consider the wider consequences, including the possibility of 25,000 jobs being lost at Lehman. Women are more risk averse and less driven by a one-day stock price or short-term profit opportunities. Research shows that women’s performance on investments is less extreme than men’s, with less likelihood of either fantastic or abysmal returns. Kate also cited Cranfield’s research in support of her argument that companies with at least three women on a board or in senior executive roles have a stronger performance than their rivals and that more diverse teams outperform.

BBC Essex Radio Interview, 2 September, 2008

Sapphire Partners’ Alison Downey was interviewed live on the BBC. The fifteen minute segment covered issues relating to women returning to work after a career break. Stay tuned, as managing director Kate Grussing will also be appearing on BBC Surrey in a related spot on Friday 12 September at 10:10 a.m.

The Guardian,
September 1, 2008

Sapphire Partners was featured in the front page article of The Guardian’s G2 section. The article examines the challenges women face in returning to their careers after taking time off to raise a family. It quotes and pictures Kate Grussing and Alison Downey from Sapphire and one of our candidates, Heather Stork. Helping companies tap this valuable resource of women who have taken career breaks is a small but important part of how Sapphire makes a difference. 

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